Frequently Asked Questions ... and Answers

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Of course we do!  We take pride in our work and want to make sure that the customer is always happy. Our standard labor warranty on most things is one year.  Parts are typically warrantied by the manufacturer.
This is obviously the most commonly asked question and understandably so.  Over the years, we’ve learned that ALL situations are different and  because of that, we are unable to give you a price until we’ve come out to evaluate the situation.  We do charge a $45 diagnostic fee that is waived if you decide to take the work with us (which most people do.)  We will present you with a written estimate and will not start the work until the work has been authorized by you.
We do offer complete home plumbing inspections and think they’re very important. When doing a complete plumbing inspection we will inspect and evaluate all of your household plumbing systems to include kitchen, bathrooms, laundry rooms, hose bibs and water mains.  As with all things, Prevention is key!
We do!!  Even in homes.  Once our homeowners get a handicap height toilet they rarely go back to the standard height.  Give us a call for a quote!